Copper Mandala Set

  • In accordance with tradition, this mandala set consists of the base, three levels and top-ornament. It is an essential ritual item for practicing the 100,000 mandala offerings of the preliminary practices. It is constructed from high quality hammered copper and features fine hand carvings. Custom made in Nepal, this mandala set was constructed under the guidance and supervision of Senior Lamas of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery.

  • The mandala represents the entire universe with Mount Meru as the central axis, surrounded by the continents. According to theAbhidharmakosa-sastra, the universe contains thirty-one planes of existence, stacked upon one another. Pervading these planes there are three realms, ordhatus. The three realms include:Ārūpyadhātu, the formless realm;Rūpadhātu, the realm of form; andKāmadhātu, the realm of desire. Each realm is further divided into multiple worlds in which the various classes of beings reside. This universe contains vast stores of riches and objects which please the senses.

    In order to escape the cycle of rebirth that keep all sentient beings trapped within saṃsāra, we must follow the teachings of the Buddha. The essence of the path, from guru devotion up to enlightenment, is the accumulation of meritand wisdom. One of the supreme methods for accumulating merit is the practice of making offerings embraced with the view of the threefold purity. Threefold purity entails not being concerned with ideas of oneself, the practice, or the result. The supreme form of offering is to offer all that to which we cling through the practice of the mandala offering.

    With this attitude of renunciation and compassion for sentient beings, Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo instructs:

    All my own and others’ possessions and positive actions,
    Accumulated in the past, present and future,
    And clouds of offerings that fill the infinite realms of the three kāyas,
    We imagine now and offer to the glorious teacher:
    Accept them, and grant us the accomplishments, ordinary and supreme!

  • 5.9 in by 11.0 in, 1.8 lb