Red Shalze Torma

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  • This red food-offering (shalze) torma is made of red and white sandalwood by senior monks of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery. The torma is made according to the Chokling Tersar tradition. Each torma contains three white and three sweet substances (Tib. kar sum ngar sum), holy water from sacred places such as Maratika cave and Tsopema lake, as well as other relics and precious substances. The red shalze torma is used for the practices that belong to the Inner Tantras (Maha, Anu, Ati), such as the Trinley Nyingpo, Sampa Lhundrub, Vajrakilaya, and Kurukulle. Shalze tormas are traditionally placed in the 6th offering bowl.
  • During the life of the Buddha Shakyamuni, Ānanda was practising the Dharma in the forest near the city of Kapilavastu, the capital of the kingdom of Shakya. While practicing, a frightening preta spirit appeared before Ānanda. The demon said, “You have only seven days left to live, at the end of which I will eat you.” Ānanda ran to the Buddha and told him of the frightening prophesy to which the Buddha replied, “Make a torma of infinite magnificence, bless it with mantra, and offer it. This will liberate you from the fear of untimely death and lead you to accomplish infinite qualities.” From this teaching, the practice of making and offering tormas spread throughout the Buddhist world.

    As for the term ‘torma’, Guru Padmasambhava said:

    ‘tor’ means to give without attachment, and
    ‘ma’ means completely present.

    The essence of the torma is the dharmadhatu, which is the utterly pure nature of the world, and the wisdom of rigpa—it is the indivisible union of emptiness and wisdom.

  • 5.1 in by 2.4 in, 2.8 oz