Lotus Seed Mala

  • Rattan seeds are sometimes called 'Moon and Stars' seeds by Tibetans, but are more commonly referred to as lotus seeds. The seed is hard and dense, ivory coloured, and will gradually turn a deep golden brown with long use. Sourced from Indonesia, each seed has small holes (moons) and tiny black dots (stars) covering its surface.

    All of our malas have been blessed by Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche and selected by senior Lamas of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • Regarding the use of malas, Eric Pema Kunsang states:

    As you gently move each bead through your fingers,
    let each bead be a reminder that every state of mind is by nature pure.
    Let the touch of each bead affirm the self-existing mandala of incarnated existence.
    Let each bead be the drop-off point where dualistic mind waves goodbye
    before vanishing into the vastness of wakeful knowing.

    A cord runs invisibly through each bead.
    Through every moment of human experience, invisibly,
    is the space of wakeful knowing.
    It continues beyond beginning, beyond end,
    in you, me and everyone,
    from the biggest to the smallest,
    without exception.

  • 108 beads of 6 mm diameter, with Trikaya guru beads. White bead (conch shell) symbolizes Nirmanakaya, red (carnelian stone) Sambhogakaya, blue (lapis lazuli) Dharmakaya. The mala has a sliding knot to make it tighter or looser.

    Approximate length 35.4 in, 2.3 oz