Carnelian Mala

  • The red hue of carnelian is associated magnetizing activity, the power to bring about positive circumstances for practicing the Dharma. Carnelian is recommended for practitioners of Kurukulla and other such deities.

    All of our malas have been blessed by Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche and selected by senior Lamas of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • In Vajrayāna, enlightened activity is said to have four types: pacifying, enriching, magnetizing, and destroying. Of these four, magnetizing is utilized toenthrall beings, to increase wisdom, and to remove poison. In particular, Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche teaches that magnetizing activity attracts positive circumstances for the practitioner and for the sangha in general. For individual practitioners, when conditions are not conducive, we make use of magnetizing activity to attract more conducive circumstances. However, we must do this with the altruistic motivation based on loving kindness, compassion and bodhicitta.

    In theWang Dü,The Prayer which Magnetizes All that Appears and All that Exists it states:

    The dance of the boundless magical net,

    The infinite host of magnetizing three roots deities,

    Present like [the seeds of] an open sesame pod,

    I devotedly supplicate you! Bestow your blessings!

    Bestow the siddhi of magnetizing unhindered

    The supreme and common siddhis and every desired glory!

  • 108 beads of 8 mm diameter, with Trikaya guru beads. White bead (conch shell) symbolizes Nirmanakaya, red (carnelian stone) Sambhogakaya, blue (lapis lazuli) Dharmakaya. The mala has a sliding knot to make it tighter or looser.

    Approximate length 35.4 in, 3.0 oz.