Copper Serkyem

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Our serkyem is made of high quality hammered copper and features a bronze rim as well as fine hand carving.

Among the Nine Roots of Refuge, Dharma protectors serve as compassionate guides along the path dispelling obstacles, and increasing positive conditions for wisdom and compassion to genuinely manifest. Aimed at protecting the authenticity and longevity of the Dharma teachings, Guru Rinpoche, among other great siddhas, bound under oath gods and demons, commanding them to uphold the teachings and care for the livelihood of sincere practitioners.

The serkyem, or ‘golden drink,’ is a ritual vessel and plate used in making liquid offerings to peaceful and wrathful Dharma protectors. Making serkyem offerings forges the connection between the practitioner and the protectors, increasing auspiciousness and swiftness in accomplishing the temporary and ultimate benefit of others.  

4.5 in by 3.7 in, 13.3 oz