Guru Dewa Chenpo Statue

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  • Guru Dewa Chenpo, also known asthe Master of Great Bliss, is one of the secret manifestations of Padmasambhava from theSampa Lhundrub, orSpontaneous Fulfiller of All Wishes mandala. This mandala was revealed by the Great Tertön,Chokgyur Lingpa as a treasure teaching of Guru Rinpoche. For practitioners of the Chokling Tersar, Guru Dewa Chenpo, the regent of Guru Rinpoche himself, is an extremely precious practice.

*Prior to using this statue as a meditation support on your shrine, it is traditional to have a statue filled with the proper ritual substances and consecrated by a genuine lama.

  • The practice of Guru Dewa Chenpo dispels all obstacles, generates bliss in the mind and body, and ultimately leads to the primordial wisdom of awakening. The practice is short, simple, and brings very swift results.Guru Rinpoche states:

    By this practice any present anxieties, depression, headache, mental instability, upsetting thoughts, dullness, and blocked energies will be cleared. You will enjoy comfort in body and mind, and the effulgence of the channels, winds, and bindus; along with securing pleasantries, wealth, companions, success, and good health, you will enjoy the richness of life. Ultimately, you will attain timeless wakefulness—great bliss.

    Offered in both three-inch and five-inch variants, these statues are made by artists who previously worked under the guidance of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. The statue is made of oxidized copper, is filled with the required mantras, as well as holy earth from inside Boudhanath stupa. It is stated that by merely keeping a Guru Dewa Chenpo statue on your person or shrine, you will beprotected from serious illness, evil spirits, and untimely death.

  • Large: 5 in by 3 in, 12.3 oz

    Small: 2 in by 1.2 in, 1.9 oz