Guru Rinpoche Statue 5 in

Half Gold
  • Guru Rinpoche is central to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. This inconceivably great master is responsible for establishing the tantric Buddhist teachings in Tibet. He is the essence of all buddhas of the three times, the unity of the Three Jewels, the Three Roots, and the Three Kayas.Padmasambhava should also be recognized as inseparable from the primordial Buddha Samantabhadra and the essence of Buddha Amitabha.

*Prior to using this statue as a meditation support on your shrine, it is traditional to have a statue filled with the proper ritual substances and consecrated by a genuine lama.

  • Guru Rinpoche means the ‘Precious Master.’ Regarded as the second Buddha of our time, Guru Rinpoche successfully taught the practice of Tantric Buddhism throughout Tibet, triumphing over the demonic spirits which had previously prevented the spread of Buddhism.

    In the 8th century, Guru Rinpoche walked over the Tibetan border, invited by KingTrisong Deutsen andShantarakshita. After successfully subduing the demons and haughty spirits, he travelled throughout Tibet, meditating in caves and recruiting powerful protectors of the new religion. With the support of the King and local deities,Shantarakshita returned to Tibet, and the king, the scholar, and the yogi began the construction ofSamye, thus establishing the Dharma in Tibet.  

    As Jamgon Kontrul stated,“There was no area of Tibetan soil larger than a horse’s hoof untouched by Guru Rinpoche’s feet.”

  • 5.0 in by 3.0 in, 1.6 lb