Vajra and Bell

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  • Made in Dehradun, India, our vajra and bell sets are renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. They are made in accordance with the ancient tradition which has been preserved by the craftsmen of Dehradun for centuries.
  • The vajra and bell, as embodiments of the Vajrayana path, represent the view, meditation, and conduct of tantric practice. As a complete depiction of enlightened body, speech, and mind, the vajra and bell can stand in place of an entire shrine. As sacred substances, the pair symbolizes the unity of compassion (vajra) and wisdom (bell). They are used in most tantric practices as necessary supports.

    The vajra and bell are respected objects and should be placed on nice brocade or cloth as a means of venerating the profound view and commitments they symbolize.

    In theTrinley Nyingpo, the vajra and bell are envoked as follows:

    From HŪM the wisdom vajra, from ĀH the bell resounding with the sound of emptiness. The signs of means and prajñā are taken in hand.

    The traditional five-pronged vajra has deep symbolic meaning. The five upper prongs represent the five buddha families and the five lower prongs represent the five female buddhas. The eight upper lotus petals represent the eight bodhisattvas and the eight lower petals represent the eight offering goddesses. The center sphere represents the indestructible dharmadhatu, the single dharmakaya. Finally, at the base of the prongs are water dragons, known to never release their prey once seized. This represents the irreversible mind of bodhicitta.

  • Small: vajra 4.3 in (length), bell 6.1 in (height), 13.8 oz

    Large: vajra 4.7 in (length), bell 7.3 in (height), 20.8 oz