Vajrasattva Statue

  • Vajrasattva, the sambhogakaya buddha, is the all-pervasive sovereign of all buddha families and the embodiment of all tantric mandalas.Considered the essence of all 100 peaceful and wrathful deities,all other deities and practices are subsumed within Vajrasattva. In particularVajrasattva is the supreme cause of purification of negative deeds and impaired samaya.
  • The profound practice of theSangtik Dorsem,orThe Sādhanā for the Single Mudra Vajrasattva, was revealed by Chokgyur Lingpa as part of theSangtikcycle of teachings. It purifies the afflictions that arise due to our past negative actions, clears our mental obscurations, and reveals our stainless essence. When you practice the short liturgy of Vajrasattva, it is as if you practice the sādhanā of every deity.

    In hisPraise of Glorious Vajrasattva, Patrul Rinpoche states:

    Like a mountain of snow, your body is brilliant white,
    And your enlightened speech resounds as perfect Dharma,
    Profound and expansive, your sky-like mind is twofold wisdom,
    Blessed lord, spiritual warrior--to you I pay homage!
    Even negative karma and obscurations accumulated over many eons
    Are reduced to nothing in an instant merely by recalling your name.

    Vajrasattva practice supplements and enhances the view of the Great Perfection as a means of purifying the obscurations which prevent us from realizing the abiding nature. The entire collection of the 64 million verses of Dzogchen was transmitted from the Dharmakaya Samantabhadra, to Sambhogakaya Vajrasattva, to Nirmanakaya Garab Dorje in increasing succinctness.

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