Practice Essentials

The intention of Ratna is twofold. First, we aspire to provide Gomde California sangha members and our wider community with the high-quality supports necessary for practice at an affordable rate. Second, we want to give sangha members access to rare and precious dharma items that are difficult to acquire. We hope these items create auspicious interdependent connections with sacred masters, sites, and holy objects, and that these connections truly bless our community members.

With respect to the first, we are happy to announce reduced pricing on an essentials class of items. These items—vajras and bells, malas, Chokling Tersar practice supports, etc.—are offered as close to cost as we can calculate after purchase in Nepal, shipping fees, storage fees, and labor. 

The second category includes Dharma objects that are rare and difficult to obtain. To some degree, our pricing reflects the preciousness of those items. On the other hand, it is truly impossible to price sacred Dharma items—they are actually invaluable and confound general concepts around transaction. Since proceeds from these items are directed back into the development of Ratna, including the procurement of further precious practice supports for our community, and since these items are indeed priceless, we envision both the purchase of these items to be an offering to Gomde California and the sale of these items to be an offering to community members.