Jewels of Auspiciousness—Sang Offering Substance

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We offer the cleansing smoke offering to our objects of refuge, the Three Roots, dharma protectors, local deities, our karmic creditors, and our mother sentient beings. Through this practice, we can gather vast accumulations of merit that ripen in the short term as an abundance of temporary goodness and bliss, and ultimately as perfect enlightenment, the state of true happiness.

The practice of sangchö (cleansing smoke offering) is widespread throughout Tibet and other parts of Asia. Renowned as an excellent and easy method to accumulate merit and create auspicious circumstances, it is often performed at the beginning of important events, or by many, as a daily practice.

To practice sangchö in the most excellent way, one needs authentic substances. When the correct substances are combined with the power of mantra and samadhi (meditation), an excellent offering can be made correctly. For the substances, the scriptures specify that one must gather 108 different ingredients of various medicinal plants, herbs, precious and semi-precious metals and stones, and specific ritual materials.

In these modern times, such attention to fine detail is slowly deteriorating. To enable the authentic and genuine practice to continue, Kyabgon Phakchok Rinpoche has kindly amassed all these 108 ingredients and made them into convenient offering cups which are easy to burn for the smoke offering.

30 cups in a box; each cup is 4 cm (diameter), 1.8 cm (height)