Pecha Cover

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Dark Red
  • Venerated as the source of wisdom, Dharma texts, are treated with great respect. And just as we ourselves wish for soft clothes against our skin, warm layers to protect us from the cold, and decorative outer layers, our pecha covers provide a soft interior for delicate texts, a sturdy wooden backing to prevent bending, and a high-quality brocade exterior.
  • The Buddha stated:

    In the last five hundred year period,
    I will appear in the form of scriptures.
    Consider them as identical to me,
    And treat them with due respect.

    Dharma texts, as representations of the Buddha, are highly venerated. In hisEssential Instruction on Refuge and Bodhichitta, Patrul Rinpoche emphasizes the six specific precepts which practitioners must engage in having taken refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Regarding the Dharma, Patrul Rinpoche advised that we exert ourselves in studying, reflecting and meditating upon the sacred Dharma; and furthermore show respect to even a scrap of parchment with a single letter of scripture.

    The Dharma can be divided into the Dharma of Scripture and the Dharma of Realization. Based on the precious words preserved in the collected works of the Buddha and his followers, we can study, reflect, and practice in an authentic manner the path taught by the Buddha and give rise to the genuine Dharma of Realization.

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