Healing Incense

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  • Made by the Tibetan doctor of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery according to an ancient Tibetan healing formula, this incense helps alleviate stress and restore vitality. Burning this carefully prepared combination of woods and spices brings the wind energy, orlung, into balance.
  • Lung means “wind” and is a key aspect of the subtle body. In traditional Tibetan medicine,lung is considered the subtle flow of energy connected with the air element. The most important function oflung is to carry the movements of body, speech and mind. The relationship betweenlung and the mind is similar to the relationship between a horse and its rider. If something is wrong with the horse, the rider will not be able to effectively ride the horse. Mostlung disorders are caused by going into retreat, meditating, or studying Dharma very intensively, rather than practicing with a relaxed and calm mind.Lung can additionally be disturbed by constant stress, an irregular schedule of sleeping and meals, and cold, dry weather. However the opposite disorder of too little lung can be caused by the accumulation of negative karma.

    Out-of-balance wind energy can bring mental and physical agitation, fatigue, sleep disorders, restlessness, and stiffness in the body. When in harmony, wind energy manifests as a clear and alert mind abundant with creative ideas, and a feeling of lightness, mobility, and liveliness in the body. Enjoy the rich fragrance of this healing incense to relax and restore your energy!

  • Ingredients: white and red sandalwood, cloves, cardamom, saffron, gentiana barbata, nutmeg.

    Indications: anxiety, dizziness, insomnia, restlessness, exhaustion.

    Contents: 12 sticks, each 3.5 in length. Approximate burning time per stick: 30 min