Offering Lamp Float

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Our offering lamp wicks and floats are long-lasting and clean alternative to cotton wicks, which produce black smoke while burning. Floating wicks are easy to use, safe, and have minimal clean up.  First, choose any glass or metal container in which the float can move about without obstruction. Next, pour a little bit of water in a glass bowl or a metal offering lamp cup. On top of it pour some vegetable oil (sunflower, soyabeen etc). 3.4 fl oz or 100 ml of oil will burn for approximately 24 hours with one wick. Place a float on the surface of oil and place a wick into the float so that half of the wick is immersed in oil, and half of it stays above the surface. Let the wick soak in oil for a few seconds. Then it’s ready to be lit. The oil will remain above the water and when all the oil runs out, the wick will begin to crackle and eventually go out. The float will remain on the surface of the water.

Our offering lamp wicks and floats are completely safe. If overturned, the flame will immediately go out due to a lack of fuel. 

Wicks sold separately.