Silver Mala Counters

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Mala counters allow practitioners to keep track of the number of mantra recited during accumulation. Our mala counters are hand-crafted from sterling silver and are produced by the same craftsmen who create our line of exquisite statues.



As sacred substances, the vajra and bell symbolize the unity of compassion and wisdom.So as to preserve our vows and create the auspicious circumstances that we may practice the Dharma in this and all future lives, we are instructed to always have a vajra and bell on our person. These counters have a small replica of the vajra and bell.



A unique quality of Tantra is that it allows us to practice method and wisdom simultaneously. Method is the definitive cause of attaining the rupakaya while wisdom is the definitive cause of attaining the dharmakaya. The vajra and bell are symbols of this union and are regarded as sacred samaya substances for any practitioner of the Vajrayana. The vajra and bell, as embodiments of the Vajrayana path, represent the view, meditation, and conduct of tantric practice.

2.6 oz