Thangtong Gyalpo Phurba Pendant

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  • These phurbas pendants are made from 100% Thangtong Gyalpo iron. A source of protection, these phurbas can effectively remove outer, inner and secret obstacles. Once adorned with a black scarf, mustard seed, frankincense, and consecrated by a qualified  lama, each phurba should be regarded as Vajrakilaya in actuality. 

    In recent years, several of the bridges which Thangtong Gyalpo constructed in Bhutan have fallen into a state of disrepair and have been decommissioned. Several students of the late Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche have acquired links of these bridges and from the iron, forged phurbas so that practitioners have the opportunity to form auspicious connections with this great master.
  • Thangtong Gyalpo was born in 1361 in the village of Ölba Lhadsé in central Tibet. An emanation of the Indian mahasiddha Kukuripa, Thangtong Gyalpo was known for his eccentric demeanor and miraculous experiences. He was given the name Thangtong Gyalpo, or ”King of the Empty Plain,” by five dakinis in a pure vision.

    Thangtong Gyalpo was a great siddha, poet, tertön, as well as an architect. In his spiritual life, he was connected with the Northern Treasure Text tradition, and the Sixth Karmapa, however he had connections to all schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

    He constructed numerous shrines and temples throughout India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. As an engineer, he was best known for his suspension bridges, constructed of iron chains. Some of these suspension bridges exist to this day. Due to his construction know-how, Thangtong Gyalpo’s lineage of treasure texts are known as the Chagsam, or Iron Bridge lineage, which still survives in the Nyingma School.

  • The size of each phurba varies as each is hand forged in Bhutan. Approximately 1.75 inches and includes small hole for a chain or cord.